A look at oversigning in the Big East

Colleague Ivan Maisel has a thought-provoking story Tuesday about how teams make their roster numbers add up. The NCAA allows you to enroll 25 signees per year but only have 85 scholarships at one time, and many schools have signed many more than 25 in recent years.

How about in the Big East? Syracuse was the only school to sign more than 25 players this year, with 31. However, seven of those signees enrolled in January and counted against last year's recruiting class, which had only 17 members.

South Florida signed 29 players in 2009, but not every player made it into school. In fact, seven of the Bulls' 2009 signees are not on the current roster.

Schools approach this in different ways. Some sign as many as possible and try to figure out the numbers later on. A team like Pittsburgh, on the other hand, signed 19 in 2008, 20 in 2009 and 24 in 2010.

West Virginia coach Bill Stewart signed 25 guys and has a lot of returning starters from 2009. He said he would like to get to a position where the Mountaineers give out 16 to 18 scholarships per year and two to three maximum per position.

"It’ll take four years to get this all worked out," he said on signing day. "It just doesn’t work itself out overnight."

However each school does it, the math always seems to work out by the time the season starts.