East Carolina's Holtz to meet with Syracuse AD

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

A pretty good source close to Skip Holtz -- his father, ESPN analyst Lou Holtz -- says the East Carolina head coach will meet with Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross about the Orange's vacant coaching job on Monday.

The elder Holtz said he did not know if the two sides had spoken previously, but this is believed to be their first face-to-face meeting.

Both the Holtzes and Gross are scheduled to be in New York for College Football Hall of Fame ceremonies. Lou will be inducted, as will Syracuse's Don McPherson.

The Syracuse Post-Standard's Donnie Webb has more from Lou Holtz in his blog tonight:

I know that he has a lot of drive and ambition. I do know he's happy at East Carolina. He's got a good situation and a good team coming back. He won his first conference championship in 30-something years. They were 3-22 when he got there. His family like it there.

"I also know like anything else, he wants to compete against the best and wants to be the best. Everybody wants to find out how good you are. There's no way that you can do anything until you have all the information. He has all the information that he can get from East Carolina, but he doesn't have much information from Syracuse. He hasn't met with them and he hasn't talked to them. How much information does he have? Obviously, he has some but at the same time, until you sit down with people and find out things, you don't have all the information.