Big East football madness, Game One

On Thursday, I introduced the Big East football version of March Madness featuring the best teams of the past six years. It's time to see what happened in our first game:

No. 1 West Virginia (2005) vs No. 8 Pittsburgh (2004)

Score: West Virginia 38, Pitt 17

Let's be honest: Pitt was a pretty mediocre league champion. Sure, the Panthers had some excellent players, like Darrelle Revis, H.B. Blades, Tyler Palko, Greg Lee and my favorite linebacker of all time, Brian Bennett.

But that team would have had a hard time keeping up with Steve Slaton, Pat White and the Mountaineers' high-octane offense. Palko might have thrown a couple of touchdown passes, but the 2004 Pitt team gave up 140 rushing yards per game. And based on how Utah ran all over the Panthers in the Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia would have had a field day with its zone-read options.

Thanks for your votes on this game. Clearly, there were few dissenters. Now let's move onto our next first-round game, which I think is a pretty interesting matchup:

No. 2 Louisville (2006) vs. No. 7 Cincinnati (2008)

Two high-powered offenses, led by great offensive coaches, and very underrated defenses. Who do you think wins, and why?