NCAA sniffing around WVU

I've been at Pitt all day doing interviews and watching practice, so I haven't had a chance yet to comment on Mark Schlabach's story about NCAA investigators looking into potential rules violations at West Virginia. They are looking at things that happened under former coach Rich Rodriguez, according to Schlabach.

Now, the information is sketchy at this point. West Virginia officials aren't saying much, and Rodriguez declined to comment on a Big Ten coaches' conference call today.

But if you're a Mountaineers fan, can you really say you're surprised? If the NCAA is looking at potential practice time violations by Rodriguez at Michigan, wouldn't you expect the investigators to see if the same things occurred at his previous coaching stop?

We don't know how serious any of this is, but any time the NCAA shows up on your campus asking questions, it's nothing to be taken lightly. After all, the NCAA has shown that it will punish schools and not individuals. So even if it finds that Rodriguez was some sort of rogue operator, West Virginia could suffer potential penalties because of it.

It's too early to say whether that's a real concern here. More than one wag has suggested that maybe Rodriguez did West Virginia a favor by shredding everything before he left Morgantown.

Speaking of which, I'll be in Morgantown tomorrow. I bet folks there won't be too excited to talk about this subject.