Delany to address media Wednesday

If there's one man who is the central figure to the Big East's future right now, it's Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany.

All eyes are on Delany in Phoenix this week during the BCS meetings as everyone waits to find out which way the Big Ten will go with its expansion plans. Delany will meet with the media on Wednesday in Phoenix, when you can be sure he'll be deluged with questions about expansion. Whether he'll offer any specifics about his intentions remains to be seen. (My guess is he won't).

In other tidbits, colleague Ted Miller reports that Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott isn't sure his league needs to expand. Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe said he's not expecting the Big Ten to notify him that it's interested in his league's teams. I wonder if John Marinatto is wearing a disguise so Delany won't recognize him.

Anyway, it's starting to sound like these meetings might be a bit more anti-climactic than we anticipated just a couple days ago. But you never know. We'll all be anxiously awaiting any tidbits of news.