An answer worth checking out

Expansion madness is causing a lot of rumors and wild speculation, most of which I'll ignore unless there's some facts behind it. I've been getting a lot of e-mails this week about one rumor that SEC colleague Chris Low shoots down Friday in his mailbag. Check out his answer:

Ernie in Columbus, Ohio, writes: You reportedly made a statement on ESPN Radio late Tuesday night that Mike Slive has had talks with four schools about joining the SEC. West Virginia was one of the four. Oddly, there hasn't been another word mentioned about this report. Was this incorrect, inaccurate or was there another reason why this hasn't been mentioned again? Thanks.

Chris Low: I appreciate your asking that question, because I’ve been getting bombarded with inquiries about what I supposedly reported concerning West Virginia, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Miami moving to the SEC. For the record, I haven’t reported anything of the sort. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever even mentioned West Virginia in terms of SEC expansion. I have said that Clemson, Florida State, Miami and Georgia Tech could all four be teams SEC commissioner Mike Slive would probably be interested in should the league decide it needs to expand. But that’s a long way from saying those teams have already been contacted. I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot of wild expansion stories over the next few months and who’s coming and who’s going. When you consider that each SEC school will pocket close to $17 million in shared revenue next month at the spring meetings, why would anybody be looking to get out?

I've been here in Bristol with Chris this week, and he's dumbfounded about how this rumor got started. Chalk it up to another case of expansion madness.