If it's good enough for the Super Bowl ...

... then I suppose having a postseason football game in the New York area is good enough for the Big East.

The NFL's decision Tuesday to award the 2014 Super Bowl to New Meadowlands Stadium prompted a lot of debate as to whether such a game should be played in a cold-weather climate. Of course, we've already talked about that issue in this very space, as the Big East signed on to play in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium beginning this season.

My take on it has been that the Pinstripe Bowl is a good idea, because New York City is such an attraction, especially at that time of year. Fans can enjoy Manhattan, go to the game on Dec. 30 and stick around for New Year's festivities in Times Square if they choose.

Then again, I usually sit in the press box. The recorded high in New York City last Dec. 30 was 32 degrees, with a low of 19. (At least it didn't snow). If you have to sit outside in freezing weather for four hours to watch a game, you might not be as excited to walk around the streets of Manhattan afterward.

The Pinstripe Bowl could actually serve as a good test case for the Super Bowl. If there's snow and ice for this year's game, expect people to raise concerns about holding the NFL's marquee event in similar conditions.

On the flip side, what's better than watching football in the snow -- at least on hi-def TV? This could provide a unique postseason atmosphere. And if it's good enough for the Super Bowl, it should be good enough for a Big East bowl, too.