Viewing JoePa without his signature specs

Joe Paterno can see better than he has in decades, thanks to vision correction surgery. His signature Coke bottle glasses are no longer needed.

But when the legendary Penn State head coach runs on the field this season, will we view him in a different light?

I'm honestly surprised how much attention Paterno's eyewear has received, although the combination of a dead sports month (February) and anything Paterno-related usually generates a good deal of buzz. Paterno's new look does raise some fun questions about iconic coaches and the images they portray.

You can't separate Paul "Bear" Bryant from the houndstooth hat. Or Woody Hayes from the ballcap, the short-sleeved shirt and the tie. Or Tom Landry from the fedora. Or Bo Schembechler from the block 'M' hat and shades. Or Bobby Bowden from the straw hat. Or Jim Tressel from the sweater vest.

And until now, Paterno had always been known for his glasses.

It will be a bit odd to see the 83-year-old run out of the tunnel without his specs. He might as well wear black socks, white shoes and uncuffed trousers.

I certainly can't fault Paterno for improving his vision, especially in a job where a keen eye is critical. And for a guy who often gets teased for being behind the times, he capitalized on the state-of-the-art vision correction technology.

Now if JoePa starts Twittering, it might be time to worry about him.