UW still interested in playing ND, Nebraska

Bret Bielema's tweet was not a tease.

The Wisconsin head coach caused a bit of a stir April 6 when he tweeted: "Also trying to lock up a home and home contest with Notre Dame or Nebraska for the future. (Home 2012 away 2015). Would be fun for WI fans." Wisconsin has often been knocked for soft nonconference scheduling, so adding a series with Notre Dame or Nebraska certainly would bring some excitement.

While nothing has been finalized with either school, Bielema is optimistic something can get done.

"The reason I put that on my Twitter was because it was a real thing," Bielema said Tuesday. "It's something we've been trying to pursue for a couple years. They're on me to make my Twitter more informative about my day-to-day planning, and that day, I'd spent a lot of time on future scheduling, so those were two opportunities that had been presented.

"A lot of times in these scheduling things, there are some X-factors that come into it. It's so far in advance. But I wouldn't put it out there if it wasn't something we were actively trying to pursue."

Bielema's post also sent a larger signal about potential scheduling opportunities with Wisconsin, and there has been some interest from other schools.

So could something actually get done with the Irish or Huskers?

"Some talks with both of them are something that we would definitely love to pursue," Bielema said, "but it's going to take an interest on both parts to make that happen."

Whether or not something gets done, Bielema succeeded in sending a signal to Wisconsin fans that the school is at least somewhat willing to beef up the schedule, which has been a sore subject for years.