A look ahead toward 2011 recruiting

June typically is the quietest month on the college football calendar, but one of the busiest on the recruiting trail.

So if you're getting tired of expansion roulette, ESPN Recruiting has got you covered. Today, the recruiting staff put out the ESPNU 150 list for 2011.

Keep in mind that this is a very early look, and most of the prospects are uncommitted (only four of the top 16 players have made their college choices). The Big Ten has three players on the list:

ESPN Recruiting gurus Craig Haubert, Tom Luginbill and Billy Tucker examine the 150, which is filled with elite linemen on both sides of the ball. The top four players and eight of the top 20 are down linemen. This could signal good news for the Big Ten, which typically recruits and produces some of college football's top linemen on both sides of the ball.

They mention several Big Ten recruiting targets, including quarterback Braxton Miller, who makes his college choice Thursday and has Ohio State high on his list.

Not surprisingly, the state-by-state breakdown of the ESPNU 150 doesn't shine a favorable light on the Big Ten. While Florida (40), Texas (20), Georgia (18) and California (11) are filled with elite prospects, the Big Ten has a total of 12 players in its eight-state footprint. Ohio has five prospects in the ESPNU 150, while Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois each have only two.

There are also several prospects lurking just outside the ESPNU 150, including Ohio State safety commit Jeremy Cash.