Answers remain elusive in New York case of Iowa's persistent fight song

The University of Iowa appears clueless as the rest of us to the source of nightly playing of the school’s fight song in Niagara Falls, New York -- on loop for seven hours.

The Niagara Gazette first reported on the mysterious music, emanating from the open windows of a vacant building a few blocks from Niagara River and the U.S.-Canadian border. The noise has led to complaints from residents and customers of a nearby restaurant.

The fight song plays without lyrics daily from about 4 to 11 p.m. according to the Gazette. It started six months ago. Attempts by the newspaper to reach the person responsible for the music have been unsuccessful.

Or is it even a person? Perhaps, only a supernatural explanation exists.

The melodious mystery dates roughly to the start of the football season. Iowa rolled to 12 straight victories, a school-record total, and appeared in its first Rose Bowl since 1991. More recently, the Iowa men’s basketball team has climbed to No. 3 in the AP rankings after a 16-3 start and seven straight Big Ten wins.

Iowa spokesman Steve Roe said he was aware of the reports about the fight song.

Wrote Roe in an email: “The Hawkeyes are everywhere!”