Ohio State's Pryor bulks up in offseason


Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Terrelle Pryor's development will be a popular topic from now until Sept. 5, when Ohio State opens the season against Navy a week before hosting USC in the premier matchup of the nonconference season.

If the immensely gifted Pryor can improve in several areas, particularly his consistency on short and intermediate throws, there's no reason why Ohio State can't overcome personnel losses elsewhere on offense and make another BCS bowl push. Few college quarterbacks can make plays in space like Pryor, who easily could have had 50 more rushing yards in the Fiesta Bowl, but he has to make defenses respect his arm.

The Columbus Dispatch recently chronicled Pryor's rigorous offseason workout regimen and his desire to take greater ownership of the team in 2009. Several things stood out from Tim May's story, including Pryor's size, which according to Roy Hall, is up to 238 pounds. That's pretty scary.

The Fiesta Bowl loss to Texas also lingered with Pryor.

"I got so upset by it; I'll put everything on my shoulders, and I don't want that to happen this year," Pryor said. "I don't want myself thinking I should have or could have done this or that. Hey, go do it.

"That's the way I am thinking right now, why not work out and be the best you can be? You do that last rep on the bench so you can take your team down for that last touchdown, to be the strongest guy, and all that stuff. That's the way I approach things."

For a kid who came to Columbus with some serious concerns about his maturity level, Pryor seems to grasp his responsibility to the team and what it takes to be one of the sport's top players.

Here's another quote sure to bring smiles to Buckeyes fans.

"I just want to be the best," he said. "I want to be better than [2007 Heisman Trophy winner] Tim Tebow; I want to better than [2008 Heisman winner] Sam Bradford; I want to be better than Colt McCoy.

"On that last drive Colt McCoy had to beat us in the Fiesta Bowl, I want to go down there and do that every time I have the chance, not just in one particular game. I don't want to be beaten, and I don't want to let my team down -- we don't want to be beaten."