Big Ten lunch links

You're worried about germs? I've seen you kiss a pigeon on the mouth.

As you might have heard, the Big Ten is still trying to find names for its new divisions.

Let's help out.

Send me your suggestions for division names and I'll publish them on Friday. Not to toot my horn, but high-ranking Big Ten officials read the blog -- some posts end up on Delany's desk -- and it's possible your suggestion could end up being the conference's choice.

One bit of advice: avoid names that only apply to one or two schools or geographical distinctions.

From the Chicago Tribune story:

The challenge, Big Ten officials say, comes from a reluctance to use either geography or the names of legendary conference coaches or athletes that would represent just two schools.

If you forgot what the divisions will look like, I've got you covered.

Division A: Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Northwestern, Minnesota

Division B: Illinois, Ohio State, Indiana, Purdue, Penn State, Wisconsin

Start brainstorming.