Some notes on Michigan's wild win

Thanks to ESPN's Stats & Info for passing along these delicious nuggets about Michigan's 67-65 win against Illinois in three overtimes.

  • Illinois and Michigan combined for 132 points. In the three other Big Ten games that kicked off at noon ET (Iowa-Indiana, Minnesota-Michigan State, Wisconsin-Purdue), there were a combined 117 points scored.

  • In its last two games, the Wolverines have allowed 106 points. When they won the 1997 national title, the Wolverines allowed 114 points in 12 games.

  • The last three times Michigan and Illinois have met in men's basketball, the two teams did not combine for as many points as the 132 scored on Saturday.

  • Last week, Michigan allowed 41 points to Penn State. On Saturday, Illinois had 45 points at the end of regulation. Michigan, which has been playing football since 1879, has now allowed at least 40 points in consecutive weeks for the first time in program history.

Great stuff on a great game.