Rodriguez's gamble fails as Badgers score

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Rich Rodriguez made the right call by attempting an onside kick after his team closed to within 10 points of Wisconsin.

He can't have much confidence in his defense after today's display of missed tackles and poor positioning. Rodriguez has seen this movie too many times before. So he tried to make something happen, and it nearly worked. Huge play by Wisconsin's Bradie Ewing to recover the dribbler.

Unfortunately for Michigan, giving Wisconsin the ball in plus territory just shortens the inevitable. The Badgers easily marched to the end zone, not risking any passes along the way.

Wisconsin has absolutely no need to pass the ball the rest of this game, not with the way Michigan misses tackles on virtually every play. Montee Ball and James White both have been terrific, and Wisconsin's two turnovers have come on pass plays. Keep it on the ground, and this one's over.

Badgers lead 38-21 early in the fourth quarter.