Looking for Nebraska's game-day traditions

A good suggestion by Caleb from Binghamton, N.Y.:

I am sure I am not alone when I say that it is great that you are making the Nebraska fans aware of the Big Ten game day traditions. However as someone who grew up in Big Ten country, I know almost nothing about the Nebraska game day traditions. Would it be possible to do a similar list of their traditions so that we can get to know our newest big ten member, and make them feel more welcome?


I've found that the best way to approach game-day traditions is to hear from you, the fans. So Nebraska fans, send me a note outlining your favorite game-day traditions in Lincoln and why they're so special to you. I'll list some of the best ones in a post on Monday.

To get you started, here are a few Nebraska traditions:

  • The Tunnel Walk: Several Big Ten teams make riveting field entrances, but Nebraska's might top them all. As colleague David Ubben wrote, "There's no more goosebump-inducing entrance in the Big 12. Players walk the red carpet through a line of fans to The Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius" while a video of past Husker legends fires up the fans in the stands." Good stuff.

  • Pregame Spectacular: The Marching Red holds its pregame rehearsal in Memorial Stadium 5.5 hours before every Nebraska home game. The performance features all of the teams fight songs, the opposing team's fight song and the "Star Spangled Banner."

  • Husker Power chant: Done just before the Tunnel Walk, half of the stadium chants "Husker!" and the other half answers with "Power!"

  • Red balloons: After Nebraska's first score in Memorial Stadium, red helium-filled balloons are released into the air.

  • Throwing the bones: After a big play, a member of Nebraska's defense will cross his arms in an X across his chest, a nod to the skull and crossbones logo that has long been used by the Blackshirts.

Before you complain about me leaving something out, send in your favorite tradition before Monday.