Listing Nebraska's game-day traditions

Big Ten fans, it's time to study up.

I asked the Nebraska faithful for help in outlining their favorite game-day traditions, and they responded in droves. Many thanks to all in Husker Country for sending in their selections.

Here are the Nebraska traditions I came up with last week:

  • The Tunnel Walk: Several Big Ten teams make riveting field entrances, but Nebraska's might top them all. As colleague David Ubben wrote, "There's no more goosebump-inducing entrance in the Big 12. Players walk the red carpet through a line of fans to The Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius" while a video of past Husker legends fires up the fans in the stands." Good stuff.

  • Pregame Spectacular: The Marching Red holds its pregame rehearsal in Memorial Stadium 5.5 hours before every Nebraska home game. The performance features all of the teams fight songs, the opposing team's fight song and the "Star Spangled Banner."

  • Husker Power chant: Done just before the Tunnel Walk, half of the stadium chants "Husker!" and the other half answers with "Power!"

  • Red balloons: After Nebraska's first score in Memorial Stadium, red helium-filled balloons are released into the air.

  • Throwing the bones: After a big play, a member of Nebraska's defense will cross his arms in an X across his chest, a nod to the skull and crossbones logo that has long been used by the Blackshirts.

Let's add to the list. Here are some of your submissions:

Jon from Omaha: The tradition that will raise the most eyebrows in the Big10 is what happens after the conclusion of every game in Memorial stadium. Win or lose, Nebraska fans stand and applaud the visiting team as they leave the field. Former coaches Bobby Bowden and Barry Switzer have said they've never experienced anything like that before in college football.

Sky from Norfolk, Neb.: Hey Adam, don't forget Der Weinerschlinger. Yes, that's right, we have a gun that shoots hot dogs into the stands, its my dream one day to catch one.Another aspect of the Tunnel Walk that is sometimes forgotten is to actually be down in the tunnel as its happening. Its a pretty cool experience to see the players and Bo walking confidently down the tunnel, sometimes high-fiving fans and stuff.

Dan from Omaha: To add to Nebraska traditions: 1) clapping for the visiting team after the game; 2) singing hail varsity before the game; 3) visiting the Heisman room and trophy room before the game; 4) eating Runzas (a czech concoction); 5) Barry's bar; 6) Husker pavilion kids zone before the game.

Tyler from Lincoln, Neb.: You can't forget about Misty's. It's a restaurant in town where the UNL pep band goes the night before home games. The band shows up and walks through the crowded place playing the fight song while literally everyone in the house goes nuts. The place is packed from 4 PM until it closes on Friday nights with home and opposing fans alike. It's crazy how it's been just as much of a tradition for visiting Big 12 fans to meet up there as it has for Husker fans. This is a tradition B1G TEN fans need to know about and carry on. But make sure to get there early and you can't go wrong with the prime rib.

Alan from Lindsborg, Kan.: The Tunnel Walk & Husker Power chant are definitely two awesome tradition in the Sea of Red. However, with the passing of my mom recently, releasing the red balloons is now my favorite game-day tradition.My son, who is now 3, releases helium-filled balloons for Grandma in Heaven. The two of them watched many Nebraska games together. Last fall, my son saw the balloons being released for the first time after she had passed, and he started shouting, "The balloons are going to Grandma." That Husker football tradition has an entirely new meaning to me than it did before.

Kyle from Saginaw, Texas: Adam,Glad to finally be a part of the B1G TEN!My favorite traditions are:- The Horse Shoe. Players jump up and touch this as they exit the locker room. It was found in the field when they first built the stadium. It was seen as a sign that luck would always be on the Husker's side.- The "POUND THE ROCK" located right out of the exit to the locker room. Reminds the players to always play hard and fight for every each out there on the field.- The Gate Guardians. Started recently, but they are Members of Nebraska's National Guard and they stand guard at the gate where the Huskers enter the field.

Caleb from Lincoln, Neb.: I have heard some opposing fans poke fun at this tradition, but for some reason it has always been my favorite....the swaying of our arms and hands during the fight song after a score. The band holds a note before and during an extra point and they started playing the "There is no place like Nebraska" in a slower tempo after the kick and the fans sways their arms and hands back and forth and in makes a really cool effect around the stadium. Then the tempo picks back up and everyone claps along.

Max from Omaha, Neb.: Adam- (in response to Nebraska traditions...) I've been to nearly every home game for the past 4 years, and the tunnel walk and the husker power chant are two that immediately come to mind. Good job with those. Some you missed: The Sea Of Red, the Sellout Streak and Husker Fans in general. The Sea of Red is an incredible tradition that goes unplanned. You'll see more red in one gameday in Lincoln than you'll see the rest of the year. We've sold out every single home game since 1962! And finally, husker nation has been called not only the best fans in the big XII, but the best fans in college football for years. Gamedays in Lincoln for us huskers isn't about competiton, but about loving the sport of college football and having a good time while cheering for our boys. When you come to lincoln, it is our goal to make sure you have a great time. Warning to opposing fans: when you come to our territory, you will be offered beer, hot dogs, and "good luck on the game today" multiple times.

Thanks again for the responses!