Poll: The B1G's biggest disappointment

It happens pretty much every year. Some team enters the season riding the hype train, only to veer off track.

Illinois knew the feeling in 2008, as it went from Rose Bowl participant to 5-7. Wisconsin also found itself in the "disappointment" category that year. Both Michigan and Michigan State struggled to meet expectations in 2009. Iowa held the label last fall, tumbling from preseason national title contender to a 7-5 regular-season finish. Penn State and Michigan also felt degrees of disappointment.

Which Big Ten team will fall short of expectations in 2011?

It could be Ohio State, which, despite all the turmoil, is expected to win a lot of games every single season. Wisconsin and Michigan State both shared the Big Ten title last year, but both teams could be reloading or rebuilding this fall. The Badgers need a quarterback, while the Spartans could be sidetracked by a brutal road schedule.

Nebraska is expected to compete for a title right away in its new league. Although the schedule is tough, if the Huskers are out of the Legends division title mix in November, they'll likely be branded a disappointment.

Penn State players called last year's 7-6 performance a disappointment, and they'll use the same description if the wins total doesn't increase this fall. Although the Lions face challenges at several positions, not to mention a tough closing stretch, they're expected to compete in the Leaders division.

Now it's your turn to weigh in on the Big Ten's biggest disappointment in 2011.