Ohio State players respond to Ray Small

Former Ohio State receiver Ray Small probably won't be appearing in at any football alumni events any time soon.

Small's comments to The Lantern about memorabilia sales, special car deals and a disregard for NCAA rules drew some strong responses on Twitter from his former Ohio State teammates. Several players criticized Small for speaking out against the program and breaching the team bond.

Here are some responses:

Ohio State C Mike Brewster (played with Small in 2008-09)

  • @Brewster50: He isn't a part of the sacred brotherhood anymore...never on time, never accountable, never sacrificed for the team. Can you trust his word?

  • @Brewster50: Show me a coward and I will show you ray small

  • @Brewster50: I made my name by hard work-blood-sweat and tears...he made his name today...by selling lies to the lantern..enough said..workout time!!

Former Ohio State WR Brian Hartline (played with Small 2006-08)

  • @brianhartline: Stop crying and lieing... Just bc u didn't play as much as u wanted to doesn't mean u can talk now...

Former Ohio State RB Chris "Beanie" Wells (played with Small 2006-08)

  • @BeanieWells26: The nerve of some cats!! It's one thing to bite the hand that feeds, but to go and lie about what u were being fed???? Really?!

Ohio State LT Mike Adams (played with Small in 2008-09)

  • @75Ent: Crazy how people change...thanks a lot man! hope you got paid to do that interview

As my pal Nate likes to say, rough chatter.

Small took to Twitter as well on Thursday.

  • @SmallyMcfly: Lol Ima snitch now that's the verdict got it up! Snitch on what?

  • @SmallyMcfly: The Media is the devil if people really think I said these unruly thing about the teamates that I love... Now I did tell them about myself

I figured the credibility issue would come up with Small, given his struggles at Ohio State and with coach Jim Tressel. He probably spent more time in Tressel's dog house than on the field. Not exactly a model teammate.

So the attacks against Small from ex-teammates aren't a shock. Neither is the talk about him betraying the team.

The claims that Small is lying, meanwhile, are interesting. How do they know? And why would he lie? Just to get attention?