Reactions to Luke Fickell from Twitter

Over on the Big Ten Twitter feed, I asked those of you who watched Ohio State interim coach Luke Fickell's first news conference for your thoughts on how he came across. Here's a little sampling of some of your tweets:

  • @Mike Dury: "He looked nervous at times, but I think that's understandable. He did well. About as expected, imho."

  • @WolverineInABag: "It was coached, and he kept repeating the same things. He was very careful in his response his knowledge of NCAA infractions."

  • @BryanRichards1: "I think he was nervous, unsteady, and full of talking points and hyperbole. As a Buckeyes fan, I'm a bit uneasy about him."

  • @NotoriousB1G: "Great first impression for Coach Fickell! Not much he can elaborate on at this point, but Buckeyenation can feel confident."

  • @JRMjunior1: "Interesting to hear he's intense given bland presser. Needed more intensity in opening presser to show new sheriff, gain cred."

  • @jessithebuckeye: "Proof he's for real: He refuses to even mention that state up north, and only one sentence about beating them. GO BUCKS!"

  • @steinman17: "Eloquent, passionate, and the right man for the job."

  • @TheMrinella: "Very well trained by "the Senator." Pretty much the party line. "

  • @TXBuckNut: "Liked his presser but at the same time feel he was vague and repetitive. By now, should have more info to share with buckeye nation."

What did you think?