B1G chat wrap, more UFA signings

Apologies for posting this late, but here's a full wrap-up from the Big Ten chat today. The Gunner Kiel news hadn't broken yet, or I'm sure I would have received a few questions about Indiana's most heralded recruit in recent memory.

Some highlights:

Dan (Iowa City): Adam, great work with the blog. With Iowa this season, which side of the ball do you see them having more trouble with? On offense they start a new quarterack, a unknown but possible gem at RB with Coker, and only 1 real WR option. On defense the D-line is virtually gone, Sash/Greenwood are out of town, and the LB's have a lot of unprovens. What side should I be worrying about?

Adam Rittenberg (12:11 PM): Dan, I'd have some concern on both sides, but a little more on defense. The offensive line will be solid, you have a top-line WR in McNutt and an experienced TE in Brad Herman (along with the promising C.J. Fiedorowicz). Also, both Coker and Vandenberg have proven something, albeit in limited action. Losing three multiyear starters on the defensive line and two multiyear starters at safety seems to be bigger issues.

Rick M (Louisville, KY): Adam, Why does it seem that you are afraid to admit that you do not want to see Nebraska win it. It will make the B1G look weak. I am of a differing opinion. I think that the Husker are a strong team and have too many weapons to deny their superior talent. Please, don't mis-interrupt my statement as arrogant. I look at it as confidence in my Huskers.

Adam Rittenberg (12:32 PM): It's not about being afraid. I don't care who wins the Big Ten. But in assessing whether a Nebraska title is good for the league in Year 1, I would say no. It will take time for Nebraska to be regarded nationally as a Big Ten program. If the Huskers win the league in Year 1, especially with their schedule, most will look at it as a poor reflection of the Big Ten, a conference that is still in many ways trying to repair its national reputation. So it's nothing against the Huskers, who certainly could win the league. But I have a pretty good grasp on national perception -- helps to work at ESPN -- but I don't think this would be favorable for the Big Ten.

Derek (NC): Do you think Penn State's OL will start this year more solid and consistent than last year's OL?

Adam Rittenberg (12:52 PM): Derek, the good news is that most of these linemen have been around for a while. Guys like Okoli, Barham, Troutman, Pannell, even Stankiewitch. They know one another and have been in the program for multiple years. It should ease the process of coming together as a line, but you're absolutely right that Penn State must start off the season much stronger up front than it did in 2010.

Also, here are some updates on Big Ten undrafted free agents who have found NFL homes. Check out the full list.

Michigan State P Aaron Bates: Pittsburgh Steelers

Wisconsin LB Blake Sorensen: Seattle Seahawks