Big Ten chat wrap

Lots of good questions today as we get closer and closer to game week. Here's the full transcript from my chat. And a few highlights:

Chris (NJ): Brian, Penn State has to choose Bolden if the 2 are considered "even" after camp. Less of a headache to deal with, and Bolden won't transfer. Thoughts?

Brian Bennett: Particularly since there's no experienced depth at all behind the main two guys, a Bolden transfer would be tough. I get the feeling Penn State would love for Bolden to win the competition since he has more upside. I agree with you that a "tie" goes in his favor.

Colin (Kalamazoo): Brian, as a Notre Dame fan, I'll be the first to admit that Charlie was quite arrogant as ND's head coach. That being said, I've had several of my friends claim that Brady Hoke's attitude of "We're Michigan" hasn't been arrogant. Maybe it's just me, but they were also "Michigan" during Rich Rod's time as HC. Thoughts?

Brian Bennett: It's pretty bold talk. But I like it. He needs to instill that kind of attitude into his players, even if it rubs some the wrong way. The one thing about this is, if you talk like that, you'd better back it up, or it will be thrown in your face quickly. See Weis's "decided schematic advantage" comment and how that was used against him the rest of his tenure.

Keith (Cleveland): What is the latest information on who will start at QB for the Buckeyes this year?

Brian Bennett: I talked to Jim Bollman on Saturday, and he said they'd probably pick a starter by the end of this week. By almost all accounts it's Bauserman vs. Miller. I'd be surprised if Bauserman doesn't get the nod for the opener with Miller playing the second half. The experience vs. inexperience thing is just too great to ignore.

Eric O. (Indiana): The buzz around IU seems to be that Kevin Wilson may finally be the coach that ends the decades upon decades of IUFB mediocrity. Are you in this camp, or still skeptical, and why?

Brian Bennett: Guess it depends on your definition of mediocrity. I really like the Wilson hire and think he'll do good things in Bloomington. By good things I mean get the Hoosiers back to going to bowl games. A serious Big Ten title contender? I h