Reviled Cy-Hawk Trophy to get do-over

The people have spoken. They have almost universally proclaimed: We hate the new Cy-Hawk Trophy.

And for once, the powers that be have listened.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association -- which was largely responsible for producing the Precious Moments figurine ... er, new Iowa-Iowa State football trophy -- announced on Tuesday that it would scrap the much-hated design that featured a kneeling farmer, his family and a basket of corn. The two teams will instead use an interim trophy this year as there's not enough time to produce a new one.

The association, along with leaders of both schools, showed an amazing amount of tone-deafness in approving the new trophy. But give them credit for listening to the fan uproar and correcting the mistake. That doesn't always happen (cough, Legends and Leaders, cough).

Officials said that fan input will be used in the design of the next trophy. We've already asked you for your suggestions.

Here's a hint: either involve the game of football in the trophy, or make it something cool and iconic like Paul Bunyon's Axe or Floyd of Rosedale. Sentimental images do not belong on football trophies.

Iowans suffered through a few embarrassing days, but at least they won't have to watch their favorite team sheepishly hoist such lame hardware in victory on Sept. 10.