Jim Tressel talks Pryor, Ohio State

Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel appeared on ESPN Radio 850 in Cleveland today and discussed several topics, including his exit from Ohio State, Terrelle Pryor and his affection for high school football within the state. Some high school coaches in the state will wear a tie during their opening games this weekend as a tribute to Tressel.

Here's the full interview.

There are some interesting sound bytes, including Tressel's message to Ohio State fans going forward.

"I apologize for us getting derailed and not just focusing on winning the Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl or national championship because that is the fun of being a Buckeye fan. The fun isn't having missteps or so forth. So I would once again apologize for that, but No. 2, we've got to put that behind us. If we are truly fans, and if we truly care about the kids, which is everything to me, what is most important is that there were 105 guys who reported for camp under NCAA rules this August and they have worked their fannies off and they are getting ready to take on a 12-game season and everyone is trying to knock them off their perch. They want someone else to win the Big Ten championship and they want somebody else to have the spotlight in our conference and they will have some adversity. If we really care about the kids and we really care about Ohio State, we have to put any disappointment behind us and look forward and look for great things to happen in the future."