Nebraska trails at halftime

It's been a tough day for the Big Ten so far (and don't just listen to me; read this for proof). And the night is not starting out so hot either.

Michigan and Indiana trail early, and Nebraska is down 17-14 at halftime to Fresno State. The last thing the league needs is one of its supposed powers to lose to a non-BCS team at home.

The Cornhuskers will need to tighten up defensively and get their passing game going to keep that from happening. Taylor Martinez is just 4-for-13 for 79 yards with an interception, though he has run for 110 yards and a score. Nebraska needs more consistency from Martinez.

The Huskers can usually rely on their defense when they have an off day defensively, but so far Fresno State is moving the ball pretty well. Nebraska -- and the Big Ten -- better hope that doesn't continue.