Tracking our B1G fantasy teams: Week 9

My fantasy winning streak over Rittenberg reached eight last week as Non-Gingervitis just refuses to lose.

My team didn't have any superstar performances but got solid days from Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg (27 points), Iowa running back Marcus Coker (25) and Wisconsin running back Montee Ball (25). That was enough for me to eke out a 137-127 win over the Trombone Shorties. Adam continued to show why he wasn't named the Cubs' general manager, getting just five points out of his pickup of Iowa's defense. He did enjoy a huge day from Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt (36 points).

But I'm calling it right now: this is the week Adam finally gets a win. He's going to steal Denard Robinson off the waiver wire (I had to drop Shoelace last week because of the bye), and eight weeks' worth of picking first in the free-agent pool has at long last allowed him to put together a strong roster. But I'll always have these first eight weeks.

On to our picks for Week 9:

Adam drops Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase for Michigan QB Denard Robinson

Rationale: If you can't beat 'em, steal their players. Robinson puts up big fantasy numbers even when he turns it over. Scheelhaase, meanwhile, is in a major slump and faces a good Penn State defense. I'm untying my shoes right now.

Brian drops Nebraska's defense for Penn State's defense

Rationale: The Blackshirts did a nice job last week against Minnesota, even scoring a defensive touchdown. But I'll go back to the Nittany Lions this week as they face a struggling Illinois offense at home.

Adam drops Iowa's defense for Michigan's defense

Rationale: I'm not a believer in Iowa's defense, even against Minnesota. Michigan, meanwhile, will bounce back against a Purdue offense that has been playing better but struggles to stretch the field.

Adam drops Wisconsin WR Nick Toon for Northwestern WR Jeremy Ebert

Rationale: Toon didn't look great last week and faces a solid Ohio State secondary on the road. Ebert, meanwhile, has been putting up big numbers. If he can hang onto the ball, he'll have a nice day against Indiana.

Our complete rosters for Week 9:


QB: Denard Robinson, Michigan

QB: Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

RB: Rex Burkhead, Nebraska

RB: Silas Redd, Penn State

WR: Jeremy Ebert, Northwestern

WR: Marvin McNutt, Iowa

Defense: Michigan

Kickers: Illinois


QB: James Vandenberg, Iowa

QB: Taylor Martinez, Nebraska

RB: Montee Ball, Wisconsin

RB: Marcus Coker, Iowa

WR: B.J. Cunningham, Michigan State

WR: A.J. Jenkins, Illinois

Defense: Penn State

Kickers: Wisconsin