Greg Schiano on Joe Paterno

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano got his start in coaching under Joe Paterno, so you can imagine how emotional he has been over the course of the past few days.

He started at Penn State as a graduate assistant in 1990 and worked as defensive backs coach from 1991-96 under now disgraced coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Schiano refrained from comment about Sandusky after practice Wednesday but he did offer his thoughts on seeing Paterno leave as Penn State's head coach.

"I love Coach Paterno, so am I emotional, yeah," he said. "People you love and care about; this is a hard thing for him, I'm sure. ... So it hurts me when someone you love hurts. Other than that, I have a job to do. I know he'd want me to do nothing else but take care of my team. 'Do your job, kid.' That's what he'd say."

At the time Schiano spoke, Paterno was set to retire at the end of the season.

But late Wednesday night, the Penn State board of trustees fired Paterno, effective immediately.