How we voted in the latest rankings

It's that time again, as we once again reveal our ballots for the ESPN.com power rankings. We like to keep things transparent around here.

Brian Bennett's ballot

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Arkansas

4. Stanford

5. Oklahoma State

6. Virginia Tech

7. Boise State

8. Oregon

9. Michigan State

10. Houston

11. Oklahoma

12. Wisconsin

13. USC

14. South Carolina

15. Georgia

16. Michigan

17. Clemson

18. Kansas State

19. TCU

20. Penn State

21. Baylor

22. Notre Dame

23. Nebraska

24. Georgia Tech

25. Virginia

Adam Rittenberg's ballot

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Arkansas

4. Oklahoma State

5. Virginia Tech

6. Stanford

7. Houston

8. Boise State

9. USC

10. Michigan State

11. Oregon

12. Wisconsin

13. Oklahoma

14. Georgia

15. Kansas State

16. Michigan

17. South Carolina

18. TCU

19. Penn State

20. Baylor

21. Clemson

22. Nebraska

23. Virginia

24. Notre Dame

25. West Virginia

Like most folks, Bennett and I reluctantly have put the top three SEC teams in the first threes spots on our ballot. We differ at No. 4, as Bennett continues to gush over Stanford and Andrew Luck, while I didn't penalize Oklahoma State as much as he did for the Pokes' loss to Iowa State. He has Boise State three spots higher than unbeaten Houston, while I have the Cougars ahead of the Broncos.

We both give Michigan State more love than most pollsters, as Bennett has the Spartans at No. 9 and I have them at No. 10. We both have Wisconsin at No. 12, while I have Michigan on spot higher (No. 15) than Bennett does. I'm also a bit higher on Penn State and Nebraska than my co-blogger. I have USC three spots higher than he does after the Trojans' big win in Eugene, while he likes South Carolina more than I do. Virginia makes an appearance on both of our ballots, and we both include one team the other person doesn't have (Georgia Tech for Bennett, West Virginia for yours truly).