Building the perfect Big Ten coach

In case you missed it, colleague Gene Wojciechowski had an interesting piece Tuesday on the search for the perfect college football coach.

Gene acknowledges that the perfect coach doesn't exist, but if he did, he would have several qualities Big Ten bosses possess.

From the story:

The perfect coach, such as Wisconsin's Bret Bielema, doesn't treat the media like a weekly opponent.

The perfect coach is more interested in quality of life (hello, Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald) than quality of a money grab.

The perfect coach can somehow instill a quiet sense of toughness into his players, just like Mark Dantonio has at Michigan State. And Brady Hoke did at Michigan.

The perfect coach does what Jerry Kill has done at Minnesota, which is persevere.

If I could create the perfect Big Ten coach, he'd have:

  • Mark Dantonio's ability to foster mental toughness

  • Kirk Ferentz's ability to develop under-the-radar recruits

  • Brady Hoke's ability to embrace the institution and its traditions

  • Bret Bielema's understanding of the media environment and how to promote the program

  • Pat Fitzgerald's loyalty and public persona

  • Urban Meyer's star power on the recruiting trail

  • Kevin Wilson's offensive track record

  • Bo Pelini's defensive track record

  • Jerry Kill's ability to turn around programs

  • Tim Beckman's enthusiasm

  • Tom Bradley's ability to relate to players

  • Danny Hope's ability to adjust personnel

What are your thoughts on where the Big Ten bosses fit in to building the perfect college football coach?