Wisconsin shows off new Rose Bowl uniforms

LOS ANGELES -- Oregon is the king of uniform changes. But Wisconsin will have a new look in the Rose Bowl, too.

OK, so the Badgers don't have nearly the radical streak with their duds as the Ducks, who will wear this space-age suit in Pasadena. From a distance, you might not even be able to tell much difference in the Wisconsin uniforms. But the numbers feature an interwoven rose display, and the jerseys are sleeker. You can images of the uniform here.

"I like it," linebacker Chris Borland said. "It's subtle, classy. I think it's a good touch."

Head coach Bret Bielema said he worked closely with adidas on the design.

"To play in the Rose Bowl two years in a row back to back is an unbelievable overwhelming feeling, and we wanted to give something to our kids," Bielema said. "We wanted to give them a feeling that they've changed, as well, and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out.

"We wanted to incorporate the history and tradition of the Rose Bowl. I think because our colors are red and white, it's so unique to blend in that opportunity. A lot of teams in the world of college football have gone with this star effect or this wow effect, and to me I can't tell you how many times I'm walking through an airport, I'm on the road recruiting, and someone grabs me and said how much they love our uniforms, the simplicity, the cleanness and the tradition of college football that really exists."

Wisconsin's new outfit definitely won't create the stir that Oregon's will on game day.

"Their Darth Vader look is pretty cool, I've got to say," Badgers offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler admitted.

But these uniforms also won't be something players and fans will look back on in embarrassed horror 20 years from now.

"We didn't want to be over the top," tight end Jacob Pedersen said. "We wanted to keep the classic look. That's Wisconsin."