Big Ten power rankings tracker

The 2011 power rankings are done with today's final installment, and it's now time to see how the rundown changed every week. This post is also known as "Let's see how dumb Adam and Brian are," but I prefer power rankings tracker.

Let's take a look:

Here's a look at the ranges for each team:

Illinois: 3-11

Indiana: 11-12

Iowa: 6-9

Michigan: 2-8

Michigan State: 1-5

Minnesota: 10-12

Nebraska: 1-5

Northwestern: 7-10

Ohio State: 3-8

Penn State: 1-8

Purdue: 6-10

Wisconsin: 1-5

Illinois had the most fluctuation, which mirrored the Illini's up-and-down season (won first six, lost next six, won bowl game). Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State also had wide ranges, as we projected the Wolverines too low at the start of the season and Ohio State a bit too high. Wisconsin dropped out of the top three just once all season, and both Michigan State and Nebraska never dropped out of the top five, while neither Indiana nor Minnesota cracked the top 10 once this season.

Although Wisconsin held the No. 1 spot for the first eight weeks, a different team sat atop the rankings between Week 8-12 until Michigan State claimed the spot for three straight weeks. In all, four different teams held the top spot at one time or another (Wisconsin, Michigan State, Nebraska and Penn State).