Wisconsin's Alvarez favors plus-one format

Count Barry Alvarez among those in favor of a plus-one format in college football, a plan that is gaining a lot of momentum right now.

Alvarez, the Wisconsin athletic director and former longtime football coach, supports the plus-one in his latest column in "Varsity," the online magazine of Wisconsin athletics. The column is headlined: "All signs point to change coming to BCS."

Alvarez writes:

To be honest, I wasn't crazy about watching a repeat [LSU-Alabama] in the BCS title game. When the contract expires, it looks like we're headed toward a "plus-one" model. I like the idea of adding one more BCS game because now you can seed four teams. You'd have the No. 1 seed play No. 4, and No. 2 play No. 3. ... The rest of the bowls are all the same. Nothing else changes.

Alvarez also wants to see the elimination of automatic qualifiers and the two-team-per-conference limit with BCS selections. He notes that both Michigan State (2010) and Wisconsin (2006) have been penalized because of the two-team limit, and that the current setup has led to lower bowl attendance.

While Alvarez is preaching to the choir with many of these thoughts, his candor is appreciated in a league where many like to toe the party line.

Alvarez also writes that the top college football is being played in the SEC, adding, "You know how hard it is for me to say?" He notes that winning is cyclical -- the Big Ten struggled in the Rose Bowl in the 1980s, turned it around in the 1990s and has struggled ever since -- and writes "it will swing back again" in the Big Ten's favor.

Alvarez addresses the recent assistant coach exodus on the heels of Wisconsin's second consecutive Rose Bowl loss.

On the heels of losing some assistants, everyone is quick to think the sky is falling. I don't understand that, especially since we just went to back-to-back Rose Bowls. Plus, we've had a long string of nice football teams. Trust me; it's not the end of the world.

Alvarez adds that coordinators from both the SEC and Big 12 have expressed interest in Wisconsin's vacancies, as well as some FBS head coaches.

He reiterates his confidence in head coach Bret Bielema to make good hires.

Do Wisconsin fans feel the same way?