Big Ten chat wrap: Jan. 18

Thanks for your patience today as my chat got bumped back an hour. It didn't stop the questions from streaming in.

In case you missed out on the fun, here's a full recap.

And some highlights:

Addison from East Lansing: What should Spartan fans expect out of Lev'eon Bell for the upcoming season? The dude is a beast who blocks well and catches well out of the backfield. Big Ten First or Second Team RB?

Adam Rittenberg: A lot depends on the offensive line and the quarterback, Addison. I definitely think MSU will be more run-oriented on offense in 2012, but Andrew Maxwell also has to provide a threat in the passing game. I love Le'Veon Bell's potential and his physical running style. He should benefit from a more seasoned offensive line in 2012, but he'll also be working with a first-year starting QB.

Bucky from Lake Tahoe: Adam, cut to the chase, what do you and the experts think of the Canada hire? Like or dislike? Thanks!

Adam Rittenberg: It's not a big-splash hire, but Canada is a seasoned offensive coordinator who has worked both in the spread and in the pro-style. It'll be interesting to see how much spread he incorporates at Wisconsin, or if it will be strictly pro-style. I covered him at Northern Illinois in 2003 when Michael Turner helped the Huskies win 10 games. He also did a great job with the NIU offense in 2011. I'm more intrigued by the hire than anything because of Canada's varied background.

Ashley from Lincoln: I agree that the B1G really needs to get better assistant coaches. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Nebraska. Now that Carl is gone, looking at that list of assistants is depressing. Especially considering how tempting a job at this kind of program would be. Can you think of any rationale/logic behind Bo's mediocre coaching staff.

Adam Rittenberg: Bo has hired guys he knows and trusts, and he doesn't care if they're from big programs or not. He has several coaches whose potential is still not known. I like John Papuchis a lot. He might end up to be an excellent defensive coordinator and a future head coach. But we just don't know yet. Same goes for a guy like secondary coach Corey Raymond. Tim Beck is another guy who could end up being a future head coach, but the jury is still out. Bo is betting on potential a bit with his staff.

Bryan from Hoboken: Does Silas Redd have the potential to end the 2012 season as the Big Ten's best RB?

Adam Rittenberg: Bryan, he does, but he'll need help. He seemed to wear down late in the season, and there's only so much you can do with an average offensive line and virtually nothing from the QB spot. Bill O'Brien can help out Redd by developing the quarterbacks better and getting the offensive line to upgrade its play. Redd can be a workhorse RB, but Penn State needs to show more balance in its offense.

Thanks again for your questions, and my apologies to those whose questions weren't asked. Let's do it again next week.