Big Ten in the latest polls

To no one's surprise, the Big Ten took a beating in the latest polls after a horrific Saturday on the field.

Both Wisconsin and Nebraska tumbled out of the AP rankings after losses in Pac-12 territory. The coaches were a bit kinder to both the Badgers and the Huskers. The Big Ten is left with only three teams in the AP poll and four in the coaches' poll, which doesn't rank Ohio State because the Buckeyes are prohibited from postseason play this year.

At least Michigan State, which looks like the class of the conference, moved into the top 10 in both polls. Ohio State and Michigan also moved up in the AP poll despite less-than stellar victories.

Here's a quick look:

AP Poll

No. 10 Michigan State (11 last week)

No. 12 Ohio State (14)

No. 17 Michigan (19)

Coaches' Poll

No. 10 Michigan State (11)

No. 18 Michigan (19)

No. 22 Wisconsin (13)

No. 24 Nebraska (14)

Nebraska is second among those also receiving votes in the AP poll. Wisconsin and Northwestern also are getting some votes, and Northwestern received nine votes in the coaches' poll following its 2-0 start.