Big Ten Monday chat wrap

The Big Ten had some problems in Week 2, but you guys brought the goods in our Week 3 Big Ten Monday chat.

If you missed it, no big deal. Just do better next time. In the interim, here's the full transcript, plus some fun highlights:

Brian (Wash DC) Did Maxwell turn the corner a little bit this weekend vs CM or do we have to wait until after he faces Notre Dame to make further assessment? Will this be his biggest test yet?

Brian Bennett: Hard to read too much into a game against Central Michigan, but that should be a confidence booster for Andrew Maxwell. I didn't think he played as poorly as his Boise State stats suggested -- one of the interceptions was definitely not his fault -- but I have little doubt he will improve. Notre Dame's defense is pretty decent, so this will be a good test.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Does the axing of the offensive line coach signal panic in Madison after only two games?

Brian Bennett: Panic might be a little bit of a strong word but it's definitely a bold, surprising move. Bielema knows there's a tremendous opportunity this season to win the Leaders Division, a task that will only get more difficult next year when Ohio State is eligible. And the line simply wasn't performing. For whatever reason, Markuson wasn't meshing. Better to fix it now than wait. But he has to accept some blame for making a bad hire originally, and the book is still out on Matt Canada, too

brian "The" Commeans (Columbus): This weekend looked more like bowl season for the Big Ten. Do you forsee the Big Ten ever shaking its slovenly image or will it take 5 or 6 seasons of Urban and Brady dominating everybody else to wake up the rest of the league?

Brian Bennett: Brian (great name by the way), it's hard to figure out what the problem is. Big Ten teams have all the resources you could want, from money and facilities and TV exposure. The league produces lots of NFL players and has great coaches. So why can't it stop losing on big (or, like this weekend, medium) stages? Adam and I will discuss this in our podcast and try to figure it out. Getting OSU and Michigan back to the top will be huge, but I don't see how that helps other league teams.

Chuck (Bloomington, IN): So, obviously losing Tre isn't good for the Hoosiers, and we'll miss his play making this year, but am I crazy in thinking that Coffman will do just fine in his place? He and Tre were neck and neck throughout the off-season, and I think it's safe to say that he's more of the kind of the QB that Wilson helped develop at OU. At this point, I'm more worried about a lack of depth more than anything!

Brian Bennett: Indiana fans in here today. I like it! I think Coffman will do a decent job and can be an accurate passer. The problem, I think, is Roberson brought the extra dimension as a runner that I don't think Coffman can match. IU could use that extra threat. I still think the key issue will be the defense, and Ball State will provide a challenge this week with a rushing attack that's averaging nearly 300 yards per game.

Kevin (Chicago): After the first two games being over with, do you expect NU to enter the top 25 this season? If so when do you predict them to. I think if they beat Boston College we can see them getting ranked after an Indiana win. If not the Indiana win then definitley a Penn state win. I also believe they are the biggest sleepers in the legends division. Your thoughts?

Brian Bennett: A 5-0 Northwestern team would almost certainly be ranked, even though some of the competition would be suspect. Think about this: With BC, South Dakota, Indiana, at Penn State and at Minnesota coming up, the Wildcats could be 7-0 heading into the home game against Nebraska, whom they beat last year.