Big Ten chat wrap: Oct. 3

The first Big Ten chat of October is in the books. Good times.

Did you miss it? Shame on you. Not to worry, as there's a full transcript for you to peruse.

Here are some highlights:

John from Iowa: Do you think Nebraska will be able to contain Miller and Ohio State this weekend?

Adam Rittenberg: John, it's tough for any defense to contain Braxton Miller for four quarters. He'll make his share of plays. But I liked what I saw from the Huskers' front seven in the second half against Wisconsin. They did a nice job of controlling the line of scrimmage. How they fare against an Ohio State offensive line coming off of his best game could determine Saturday's winner.

Gregg from Baltimore: Love the blog. In your opinion, what will Purdue have to do to beat Michigan? I'm sure Allen and Johnson are going to be aggressive trying to get another pick-6.

Adam Rittenberg: Takeaways will be key, Gregg, as Denard Robinson comes off of a 5-turnover disaster at Notre Dame. It's very important for Kawann Short and Bruce Gaston to neutralize Fitz Toussaint and the Michigan run game (including Robinson). Despite the pass-game struggles last week, Purdue wants Robinson to win the game with his arm. On offense, Purdue has to establish the run better than it did against Marshall and challenge Notre Dame's secondary with Edison, Ross and Bush. The biggest thing is limiting the major mistakes, especially disciplinary problems, that have surfaced too often for Purdue under Danny Hope.

John from Kentucky: Who is your favorite in the Legends Division at this point? Michigan? Nebraska? Michigan State? Or do you believe in Iowa or Northwestern?

Adam Rittenberg: John, right now it's Nebraska, but if Michigan wins at Purdue, I might go with the Maize and Blue. And if Northwestern wins at Penn State, I'll have to start giving the Wildcats more credit as a legitimate contender. Michigan State isn't out of the mix either. I'm not sold yet on Iowa, but last Saturday was a nice step. Bottom line: the division is a muddled mess, but we should get a clearer picture soon.

Paul from Detroit: Fact or Fiction - Michigan will lose 4-5 games each of the next two years (this year due to turnovers and next year due to breaking in a new QB).

Adam Rittenberg: Paul, it wouldn't surprise me. Michigan's roster won't be where Brady Hoke needs it to be until the 2014 season. That's when Hoke will have most of his recruits in the key roles, and have the type of depth needed to compete for maybe a national title. The Michigan rebuild is still going on from the RichRod era, and it likely will take another season. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Michigan wins the Big Ten this year as a 3-loss team.

Thanks again for all of the questions, and my apologies if your question didn't make the rundown. Let's do it again next week.