Denard means defense at Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Maybe it's about time that senior quarterback Denard Robinson be nominated as Michigan's defensive player of the week. After all, the Wolverines' mantra is that their best defense is when their offense is on the field. With what Robinson does when he is on the field, that honor almost seems overdue.

"I love seeing him play well, because first of all, it keeps the defense off the field, which isn't too bad," safety Jordan Kovacs said. "I'm proud of him for it. I think he handled himself well over the last couple weeks."

Robinson's productivity -- 235 yards on the ground, 105 yards in the air -- helped keep Michigan's defense off the field for most of the game and propelled the Wolverines to a 44-13 win over Purdue in their conference opener.

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