How we voted in's Top 25

October, 22, 2012
Neither Adam nor I vote in the Associated Press or Harris polls, and since we're not sports information directors or football ops guys, we don't vote in the coaches' poll either. But we do have a say in the weekly power rankings, and here's what we had to say this week:

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Oregon
4. Kansas State
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. Oregon State
8. USC
9. Oklahoma
10. Ohio State
11. Georgia
12. Mississippi State
13. Florida State
14. Clemson
15. Texas Tech
16. Louisville
17. Rutgers
18. Stanford
19. South Carolina
20. Texas A&M
21. Ohio
22. Penn State
23. Michigan
24. Boise State
25. Louisiana Tech

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida
4. Kansas State
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. Oregon State
8. USC
9. Ohio State
10. Oklahoma
11. Mississippi State
12. Georgia
13. Florida State
14. Texas Tech
15. Clemson
16. South Carolina
17. Louisville
18. Rutgers
19. Stanford
20. Texas A&M
21. Michigan
22. West Virginia
23. Penn State
24. Boise State
25. Ohio

Adam moves Florida into the No. 2 spot, while I'm sticking with Oregon there for now. We both dropped Ohio State a couple of notches after a more difficult than expected overtime win over Purdue. We both also debut Penn State in our rankings; Adam has the Lions at No. 22, while I slot them it at No. 23. He has them ahead of Michigan, while I have the Wolverines a couple spots higher. Wisconsin is in the BCS standings but not in either of our top 25s. Adam is more bullish on Ohio than I am. I loved what the Bobcats did in the opener in State College but haven't been nearly as impressed since. I kept West Virginia ranked, while Adam dropped the Mountaineers out completely. He probably has more sound reasoning for that than I, but I still think West Virginia would beat a whole lot of teams with that offense.

What does your Top 25 look like this week?



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