Big Ten Monday chat wrap

Despite some unfortunate technical bugs in the middle of Monday's chat, I still managed to answer dozens of good questions from you guys. If you missed it, here's the full transcript. And some highlights:

Matt (Ohio): What are the odds the Big Ten fills it's Bowl lineup this year? I'm thinking not too good at this point.

Brian Bennett: I agree that it's not great. Really depends on whether Minnesota, Purdue and even Michigan State can get to six wins. Having Ohio State and PSU ineligible really hurts. The probable lack of a second BCS team helps a little, but it looks as though one spot might go unfilled. How many of you will be sad not to go to Detroit in December?

Kevin (Orlando): Can an Urban Meyer Ohio State team hang with one of the big dawgs in the SEC (Bama, UF, LSU, USC, UGA)?

Brian Bennett: First of all, I wouldn't put Georgia in that group. The 'Dawgs almost lost to my alma mater last weekend, and that's hard to do right now. I don't think Ohio State would beat Alabama or Florida, and most likely not LSU. I think they'd have a chance against USC. Ohio State's defense is not championship level, but many of those teams struggle to score. The Buckeyes could score some points on those SEC powers, but they'd need their passing game to be sharp.

Craig (Braintree, MA): Gophers 0-3 record probably has caused many of my fellow alums to doubt Kill and company. I say if Gray is healthy, they had a real good chance to beat NW and probably would have stayed within maybe 10 points against WI. What do you say at this point?

Brian Bennett: Losing Gray was no doubt a huge setback, but I agree that the Northwestern game is the only one that could have gone much differently with him fully healthy. You can't deny the obvious improvement with this team, and the Gophers are very very young at many spots. It's a rebuilding process, and there will be some bumps. I still have faith Kill with get it done there.

Waffles' baby mama (Not Madison): In your mind, what would be the most exciting (and realistic, so no OSU/PSU) B1G championship match-up? I vote Wisco/Michigan, since they haven't played each other in a while and won't in the regular season until 2014.

Brian Bennett: I agree with that. The brand names would ensure some attention, and if Michigan could win out, it would be in the Top 15 for that game, while Wisconsin could also be ranked. Nebraska wouldn't be bad either, but it would be a rematch.

Boilerdmac (Lansing): Purdue or MSU more disappointing seasons so far?

Brian Bennett: Michigan State, simply because expectations were so much higher. If I told you before the season Purdue would lose to Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Notre Dame, you would not have been surprised. If I told you the Spartans would be 4-4, I think you would have been very surprised.