Wisconsin win had Dantonio dancing

There hasn't been a whole lot of joy in this Michigan State season, but there was a Sparty dance party after Saturday's overtime win over Wisconsin in Madison.

Want proof? The team's all-access video showed normally buttoned-down head coach Mark Dantonio dancing in the locker room with the players after the win. You can view it here, starting just after the 20-minute mark of the video.

Dantonio's moves -- which he summed up as "just an up-and-down deal" while everyone chanted "Hey!" -- probably won't sweep the world by storm a la "Gangnam Style." Dantonio said Tuesday that it was the first time he had gotten his groove on in a locker-room celebration.

"I said last week we had to go up there and jump around," Dantonio said, intentionally or not co-opting a phrase familiar to the Badgers. "They took me for my word. At the end of the third quarter, they're playing their 'Jump Around' song. We're down 7‑3 but we were having fun.

"I think that's what football should be about. We have a good time with it. I may be an ultra‑serious person on the sidelines, who knows, may be depicted as that. That was a great feeling after that football game. Everybody was just doing their deal. Can't beat 'em, join 'em, so ..."

The Dantonio dance was a rare sight indeed. It was good to see him and Michigan State having a little fun after a tough start to the year.