Big Ten chat wrap: Nov. 14

November, 14, 2012
Did you miss today's Big Ten chat? C'mon, it's Week 12. What's wrong with you? Kidding, kidding.

Here's the full transcript for you slackers.

As always, some highlights:
Brian from Lincoln: Adam, What have you heard about all of these rumors about Bo possibly going to the SEC after the season is over?

Adam Rittenberg: Brian, it's definitely out there. Arkansas and Auburn both potentially in the mix for Pelini. It'll be interesting to see what happens, as his name was out there for other jobs last year, too. He's in a good spot for sure, but he has a new boss now in Shawn Eichorst, who didn't hire him. Will be interesting.

AAWolv from Ann Arbor: Hi Adam, let's put the cart before the horse here. If UM wins out, I'd say they have a good argument for being named the best team in the B1G. They would only have 1 league loss, to Nebraska on the road without a QB prepared to play. What say you?

Adam Rittenberg: You definitely could make a case as they would beat an Ohio State team that pounded Nebraska. But it wouldn't be clear cut. We don't know who wins in Lincoln if Denard stays healthy. Neither team was dominating play. So you can't say for sure.

Steve from Somewhere in Iowa writes: Since the bowl season is upon us; I keep hearing all kinds of scenarios about who gets to the Rose for the PAC 12 and if Wiscy wins the B1G CCG they go? Doesn't the B1G have to be in the top 14 teams ratings with BCS?

Adam Rittenberg: No. The Big Ten and Pac-12 champion don't need to be in the top 14 to reach the Rose Bowl. What you're hearing is what happens if Oregon, the likely Pac-12 champion, goes to the national championship game. The Rose Bowl then would look to select an at-large Pac-12 team. That team would need to be in the top 14 to be selected, and there might be no team that fits that criteria. But the Big Ten champion -- whether it's Nebraska, Wisconsin or Michigan -- will go to Pasadena.

Tom from CT writes: who on the Northwestern coaching staff gets the blame for the disastrous final 20 seconds against Michigan? Hankwitz has improved this defense but NU will NEVER take the next step to "top level Big ten team" with this secondary play

Adam Rittenberg: You can blame Pat Fitzgerald if you want because he said Monday that Northwestern had the right call on and expected that play. I talked with Roy Roundtree earlier today and he said he was surprised to see no one else back to help Daniel Jones. A lot of us were. Secondary play is still holding back Northwestern. It's why Nick VanHoose's absence has been so big. If VanHoose doesn't get hurt against Nebraska, Northwestern could be 9-1 right now. His injury cost Northwestern at least one game, in my opinion.

Eric from Michigan: Obviously you can't read minds, but do you think Silas Redd regrets his decision to transfer? USC will finish with about the same record as Penn State and he is no longer even the second biggest man on campus (and he's producing similar stats to last year, mind you).

Adam Rittenberg: I don't think Silas is a guy who has a lot of regrets. He made his decision, his numbers are still pretty good and he'll be in the NFL last year. Could he have stayed at Penn State and been fine? Sure. but you can't fault a guy for trying to win a championship.

Thanks again for the questions, and my apologies if your question wasn't answered. Try again next week.



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