Where B1G coaches rank in salary

November, 20, 2012
USA Today has come out with its latest college football head coaches salary database, which is always fun to scroll through.

Using public records requests and other means, the newspaper calculated the pay for every FBS head coach. How do the Big ten coaches stack up?

Not surprisingly, Ohio State's Urban Meyer is the highest-paid coach in the league, checking in at No. 4 nationally behind Alabama's Nick Saban ($5.477 million), Texas' Mack Brown ($5.354 million) and Oklahoma's Bob Stoops ($4.55 million). Iowa's Kirk Ferentz ranks sixth nationally in pay, while Michigan's Brady Hoke is No. 12.

Meyer is in line to rake in more in performance bonuses this year, thanks in part to an adjustment in his contract to reflect NCAA probation.

USA Today says that the Big 12 has the highest salaries per coach in the nation, at nearly $3 million per man. The SEC is second at an average of $2.7 million per coach. The Big Ten ranks third with an average of $2.3 million.

Here is where each Big Ten coach stands nationally in salary, according to the database:

4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State: $4.3 million
6. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: $3.835 million
12. Brady Hoke, Michigan: $3.046 million
15. Bo Pelini, Nebraska: $2.875 million
18. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin: $2.64 million
33. Bill O'Brien, Penn State: $2.3 million
45. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State: $1.934 million
54. Tim Beckman, Illinois: $1.6 million
61. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern: $1.26 million
62. Kevin Wilson, Indiana: $1.26 million
64. Jerry Kill, Minnesota: $1.2 million
65. Danny Hope, Purdue: $970,000

Purdue could very well be looking for a new head coach soon, if that process hasn't already begun. Keep in mind Hope's relatively low salary, at least compared to his peers, when you start speculating on a possible successor. Hope makes less than several Big East coaches and even some from Conference USA and the Mountain West.

Now, let's have some fun and see what kind of bang schools are getting for their buck this year. Here's how those same coaches would stack up if you looked at it in terms of wins per dollar spent:

1. Fitzgerald: $157,500 per win
2. Hope: $194,000 per win
3. Kill: $200,000 per win
4. Wilson: $315,000 per win
5. Pelini: $319,444 per win
6. O'Brien: $328,571 per win
7. Bielema: $377,143 per win
8. Hoke: $380,750 per win
9. Dantonio: $386,800 per win
10. Meyer: $390,909 per win
11. Beckman: $800,000 per win
12. Ferentz: $958,750 per win



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