Delayed replay review hurts Purdue

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

I'm all for instant replay in college football because getting the calls correct is the most important thing, but the system revealed one of its glitches in the Penn State-Purdue game.

Penn State lined up for fourth-and-goal after clearly not reaching the goal line on a third-down plunge. Purdue stuffed Daryll Clark on fourth down, but the whistle blew a flicker before the snap, signaling a replay review of the third-down play. The call was upheld and Clark made it in on his second fourth-down try, putting Penn State up 6-0.

The Lions didn't rush up to the line for fourth down, and officials had plenty of time to review the third-down play and stop action before players lined up. Plus, the call was a pretty obvious one. The delayed reaction cost Purdue seven points.

As for the game, Purdue has controlled the clock and showed some spine on defense after a poor performance last week. But the Boilers have nothing to show for their work as kicker Chris Summers has suddenly gone ice cold. Penn State is clearly the better team here, but short-yardage rushing and secondary play could be problems down the road.