How we voted in ESPN.com's final Top 25

As you probably know by now, neither Adam nor I vote in the Associated Press Top 25 or the Harris Poll, and neither of us have yet devised a computer rankings system to be used by the BCS. (After all, how could we come up with one as good as this one, which ranked Notre Dame No. 1 after its 42-14 loss to Alabama? The BCS, ladies and gentlemen!).

But we humble Big Ten bloggers do have a say in ESPN.com's weekly power rankings, and here is what our final ballots looked like:

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Ohio State

4. Georgia

5. Notre Dame

6. Texas A&M

7. Stanford

8. South Carolina

9. Florida State

10. Clemson

11. Florida

12. Louisville

13. LSU

14. Kansas State

15. Oklahoma

16. Boise State

17. Northwestern

18. Utah State

19. Texas

20. San Jose State

21. Oregon State

22. Michigan

23. Northern Illinois

24. Vanderbilt

25. Penn State

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Texas A&M

3. Notre Dame

4. Oregon

5. Ohio State

6. Stanford

7. Georgia

8. Florida

9. South Carolina

10. Florida State

11. Clemson

12. LSU

13. Kansas State

14. Louisville

15. Oklahoma

16. Northwestern

17. Utah State

18. Texas

19. Michigan

20. Northern Illinois

21. Baylor

22. Penn State

23. Oregon State

24. Boise State

25. Nebraska

As you can see, we have some interesting differences of opinion in our final ballots. I'm sure Buckeyes fans will roast me for only ranking their 12-0 team No. 5. Am I insane? Possibly. But which of the four teams ahead of it are you sure that Ohio State would beat? I could see the argument for Notre Dame, but don't let the Irish's stinky final performance erase the memory of their excellent season. Ohio State was terrific; its résumé was just not as strong as some others, through no real fault of its own. ... Another big discrepancy: I have Texas A&M No. 2, while Adam has the Aggies No. 6. Yeah, they lost twice. But those were early in the season before Johnny Football got rolling, and Texas A&M won at Alabama. Other than the Tide, I can think of no team that people wanted to play less at the end of the year than the Aggies. ... I'm higher on Michigan and Penn State than Adam and ranked Nebraska No. 25. Sure, the finish was lousy, but the Huskers did win 10 games and went toe-to-toe with Georgia most of the way. I'd much rather have them in my rankings than San Jose State or Vanderbilt, who beat nobody. I mean, no offense to San Jose State, which performed a miraculous turnaround. But look at that schedule. And what was Vandy's best win?... I believe Adam missed the boat on Baylor, which only went 8-5 but ended the year with wins over Kansas State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and UCLA. What do you think the line would be on a Baylor-San Jose State game right now?

There is a lot to debate here. What does your final Top 25 look like?