Big Ten chat wrap

The Big Ten chat made its triumphant return today. We discussed ... Good times.

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Jason from Rochester, Minn.: Feel like making any early guesses as to the Badgers' starting QB in 2013?

Adam Rittenberg: Jason, I think of all the quarterback races in the Big Ten, Wisconsin's intrigues me the most. You have three players with a decent amount of starting experience in Stave, Phillips and O'Brien. You have the hotshot recruit in Bart Houston, who might have the most natural ability. And then you might have Jon Budmayr, who many expected to start in 2010 before Russell Wilson arrived. I'd give a slight edge to Stave, but it'll be really interesting.

AAWolv from Ypsilanti, Mich: Since B1G COY goes to biggest over-achiever, who do you predict for next season? Ferentz, Kill, O'Brien?

Adam Rittenberg: I don't think it'll be Bill O'Brien again, although if he wins eight games again, you never know. Jerry Kill might be a good choice. The guy has had Year 3 success at previous coaching stops like Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois. Minnesota is in the tougher division (Legends), but if Kill wins eight or nine games, he could be the pick. I'd also put Indiana's Kevin Wilson and Wisconsin's Gary Andersen on that list.

Blinky from East Lansing: Any more rumblings on potential expansion? I heard a lot of speculation earlier this week that Virginia was about to get an invite, and would take it immediately if it came. That would open the door for UNC, right?

Adam Rittenberg: Georgia Tech and Virginia are definitely on the Big Ten's radar. Both schools fit the profile of the recent additions, even though Georgia Tech isn't in a contiguous state (not as big of a deal as many think, AAU membership more important). North Carolina is the wild card. It would be the big-splash addition, and it would resonate for Jim Delany, a UNC alum. But it'll be hard to get UNC away from the ACC.

Ace from DC Burbs: Given Nebraska's lack big bodies on the D-line and the glut of new O-Line recruits, do you think flipping a few big uglies to the other side of the line is a possibility?

Adam Rittenberg: Ace, it's possible, but I really leave the position switch decisions up to the coaches. They really know their players best. Just because there are a bunch of big guys doesn't mean they can play on both sides of the ball. I've seen the same thing with teams that are loaded at wide receiver and lack defensive backs. Why not move some wideouts over? The answer is because the skills really are different and players need to convince the coaches they can succeed in new positions. So is it possible? Sure. But I don't expect Nebraska's coaches to make those moves just to balance out the depth of the two groups. It has to be a good fit.

Thanks again for the questions. If yours didn't make the rundown, try again next week.

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