Big Ten in the BCS standings

Iowa fans are outraged today, and they have every right to be.

The fact that the Hawkeyes dropped below both Penn State and Wisconsin in the coaches' poll and below Penn State in both the AP and Harris polls speaks to how little the voters analyze these teams and these games. I thought Iowa earned more national respect in its overtime loss to Ohio State than in several of its too-close-for-comfort victories earlier this season. If it makes Iowa fans feel better, several Big Ten-based voters I spoke with today voted Iowa ahead of Penn State and Wisconsin.

How can so many voters overlook the fact that Iowa beat Penn State by 11 points in Happy Valley and Wisconsin by 10 points in Madison?

Fortunately, Iowa remains ahead of both Penn State and Wisconsin in the latest BCS standings, checking in at No. 13. Iowa dropped three spots after its loss to Ohio State, which moved up a spot to No. 10. Penn State moved up four spots to No. 14 after its win against Indiana, while Wisconsin advanced four spots to No. 16 after thumping Michigan.

All three teams are in good shape to finish in the BCS top 14 if they win their remaining games. A team must finish in the top 14 to be eligible for an at-large berth.