Michigan fans make nonconference picks

This week, we asked you to pick the nonconference opponent you'd most like to see your favorite team play in the near future. You could pick a team already on the upcoming schedule or one that inexplicably hasn't been added.

The response, not surprisingly, has been strong. If you haven't done so already, please send us your picks here and here, and be sure to identify your Big Ten allegiance and why you're picking a certain nonconference foe.

Michigan's nonconference scheduling is gradually taking shape, and Wolverines fans are weighing in on who they would like to see take on the Maize and Blue.

Corn from Commerce, Mich.: Two teams that I've always wanted my Michigan Wolverines play are LSU and Stanford. I think LSU would be an interesting game because they are both storied programs and both teams have excellent coaches. Also, it would be interesting since Les Miles coached and played at Michigan. I think Stanford would be good for Michigan to play as well. They are both academic juggernauts and both play hard-nosed stout football. It would also expose Michigan to recruits on the West Coast. I think both programs with their recent success would be great opponents for Michigan to play.

Vince from New York City: Michigan alum here in NYC. While it might be exciting to have a home-and-home with other historical powers such as Texas and LSU, Michigan football is about tradition. By that I mean I would love to simply continue the series with Notre Dame after 2014. These two teams are arguably the two most storied teams in the sport of American football, and it's only natural to have the annual matchup between them. The series is suspended from 2015-17 and 2018-19 was already a scheduled break, so I am looking forward when the rivalry renews in 2020. By the way, if everything goes out as planned (especially with the incredible recruiting Hoke has done), Michigan will probably meet the likes of USC or Stanford on a New Years Day in the near future.

WolverineMarine from MCAS in Miramar, Calif.: In response to your question about OOC games, I would like to suggest Michigan-Oklahoma AND Michigan State-Oklahoma State. I am in the Marines and stationed out in San Diego, I recently spent 11 days on a trip to Moore, Oklahoma (just north of Norman), to assist in the tornado relief. While there I wore a lot of my Michigan gear and always had great conversations with the Sooners fans. It got me thinking about how cool it would be if these two Midwest powerhouses could play. While you are at it you could turn it into a sort of state rivalry thing and have the two up and coming little brother schools play as well. It could be its own event. Hold one game in B1G territory and the other in XII at neutral sites.. Have one game Friday night to open the season, and the other the next day.

Jeff from Jacksonville, N.C.: I'd love to see Michigan play Florida State ..... At Doak Campbell Stadium. Two great programs, and two great traditions-the winged helmet and the "tomahawk chop." This would make for a great college football experience and is what fall Saturdays should be more like!

Josh from Ann Arbor, Mich.: Michigan fan here, I would love to get some teams from the south outside of their comfort zone and into a November game at Michigan stadium. I think LSU would be great (with the Les Miles/Michigan connection story line). If we're looking west, would love to take on USC to hopefully redeem the many Rose Bowl losses they handed to us in the early/mid 2000s.

Les from Bloomfield Hills, Mich., writes: I'm a Michigan alum, and would love to see a home and home with Texas. It'd be an interesting matchup, and the possible revenge factor for the Vince Young Texas team beating UM in the Rose Bowl at the last second is huge!

Darnell from Ann Arbor, Mich.: Adam, I'm going to go ahead and throw in Arizona out there as a OOC game I think a great deal of us want to see. Can you imagine the crowd erupting in contempt towards Rich Rod as he runs into the Big House? I think a great deal of fans would take a trip to the desert to see the Wildcats get crushed at home, too!

Justin from Oxford, Ohio: Since Notre Lame is "chickening" out of the series with Michigan, I'd like to see another team take their place as a long standing nonconference series with Michigan. The PAC-12 and the SEC i would like to see saved for the post-season except for maybe Florida for recruiting reasons. Florida State might be interseting but i'm not sure they have the national pull that would get the networks salivating. In my opinion, a series with Texas would be amazing for Michigan on all sorts of levels. It would give us a nationally televised nonconference game every year, it would help tremendously with recruiting the state of Texas which produce high quality players every year and it would give us a great SOS for the upcoming playoff. The rich traditions of both programs being first and second most winningest programs in the FBS would give this a bit of historic weight. I don't know how willing Texas would be to agreeing to this series but I can see nothing but positives for Michigan.

Ryan from Lansing, Mich.: I am a Michigan Alum and have grown up hating USC for the trouble they have given us in the Rose Bowl. I would liek to see them come to Michigan in November and play in the cold, instead of their backyard. I would personally like to see any SEC team take a trip up to the cold Midwest and take on the Big Ten on their home turf. Alabama did it with Penn State a few years ago, so the rest of the conference should imitate their reigning champ and brave the cold (even if it is a brisk 55 degrees in September sometimes).

Some great suggestions from Michigan backers. Although I'd like to see the Notre Dame series resume at some point, it would be nice to see Michigan, a true national brand, extend itself into other regions of the country. LSU, Texas, USC and Florida State all would be good non-conference opponents for the Wolverines when the Notre Dame series ends. Of those four, give me LSU, because it means we'd all get a good dose of Les Miles, the most entertaining and unpredictable coach in the country.

Darnell, as a reporter, I'd love to see Michigan and RichRod reunite, but I wonder how much benefit there would be for the Wolverines. Michigan would be expected to win, and a loss to Rodriguez would be huge for him and pretty damaging for Brady Hoke and Co. Still, if the game happened, I wouldn't complain.

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