Michigan wins Big Ten uniform poll

Missed this in the lead-up to the Fourth of July, but the Big Ten Network performed a highly unscientific poll on the best football uniforms in the league last week. The site conducted its survey by asking one writer covering each conference school to vote.

Even with that small voting size, Michigan ran away with the poll, finishing with six first-place votes. No. 2 Ohio State had two first-place votes, while Northwestern, Michigan State, Minnesota and Penn State garnered one first-place nod each. Here's how each team fared overall:

1. Michigan

2. Ohio State

3. Penn State

4. Nebraska

5. Michigan State

6. Iowa

7. Northwestern

8. Wisconsin

9. Purdue

10. Minnesota

11. Indiana

12. Illinois

Hard to argue with the choice of the Wolverines, with those famed helmets and all. But there are some pretty good uniforms in the Big Ten. How would your league uniform rankings look?