All-time drafts for Michigan, PSU, OSU

If you could draft a fantasy team from your favorite school, including all players from every era, what would it look like?

That was the question our colleagues at WolverineNation, BuckeyeNation and NittanyNation tackled with their all-time drafts from Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State, respectively. This wasn't easy, as each program is rich with ridiculously talented players over the years. Each site had some all-star drafters, too; former Michigan running back Chris Howard and former tight end Bennie Joppru picked Wolverines teams, while ex-Buckeyes receiver Bam Childress and Nittany Lions alums Stephon Morris and O.J. McDuffie assembled squads for their respective programs.

Let's examine the Top 5 picks for each team:


1. QB Tom Brady

2. CB Charles Woodson

3. RB Tom Harmon

4. OT Jake Long

5. TE Ron Kramer

Ohio State

1. RB Archie Griffin

2. OT Orlando Pace

3. QB Troy Smith

4. RB Eddie George

5. LB Chris Spielman

Penn State

1. RB Lenny Moore

2. CB Brian Miller

3. LB Sean Lee

4. QB Kerry Collins

5. RB Ki-Jana Carter

Like I said, there's some serious talent here. You can view the entire teams at the links above and decide who you think did the best job of drafting. It would be fun to see how an All-Big Ten draft would go, and perhaps Adam and I will do that one day. A lot of these names would certainly be involved, but we'd also include names like Purdue quarterback Drew Brees, Michigan State defensive end Bubba Smith, Iowa quarterback Nile Kinnick, Illinois' Red Grange and Dick Butkus, Wisconsin tailback Ron Dayne, Minnesota halfback Bruce Smith and many, many more. And that's before we even consider Nebraska's stable of stars.

Who would you pick No. 1 from the three schools that held fantasy drafts, and who should go No. 1 overall among all-time Big Ten players?