Wisconsin's Andersen gets corny welcome

If Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen -- who has spent most of his life and career out West -- hadn't realized he's in the Midwest yet, Don Schuster's gesture ought to do it.

Schuster is a farmer in Deerfield, Wis., and he created an impressive, somewhat crazy welcome for Andersen out of eight acres of cornfield. Click here to see the picture, as mere words can't do it justice.

Schuster used a GPS device on his lawnmower to create the tribute, and it took him about eight hours, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Schuster, not surprisingly, is a big Badgers fan, and the company he works with for the designs, called the MAiZe, is based in Andersen's former state of Utah.

As someone who finds "The Shining" to be one of the scariest movies ever, I am always a little disturbed by any living mazes. Still, this work is really something, and it is very Big Ten.